Time Traveling Dan Ep. 3 – Dropped

Time Traveling Dan! Ep. 3: Dropped from NSHG Films on Vimeo.

The Story Behind The Scenes

By Daniel

Original posting date: October 6th 2012

I was really scratching my head over some good ideas for the series, and where to take it next, (I’m very good at playing these things by ear, I guess) when Nathan contacts me with a script he’s written. The idea was very funny, but it took weird to a new level.

This time we take a look at some of Dan’s backstory. It’s Friday night, and Dan is peeved with his alcoholic friend Nate for missing Pool Night, which is every Thursday. Though I can’t imagine how a guy who can barely keep track of what time he’s in could possibly remember that. As it turns out, it was Nate’s Dad’s birthday, which is upsetting for Dan. It is revealed that Dan never knew his father, but his alcoholic mother tells Dan that he was “spooked right out of existence” by a strange man. (Still with me?)

The great thing about stories with time travel is that there are great ways to build up events with lore, legend, or even stories told to us by mothers. Then we can make totally weird stuff happen by showing it to be not quite what we expected, but true to the lore/legend/story. In this episode’s case, the new variable is Dan.

The shooting day itself went fairly straight forward, with the exception of Nathan laughing at the jokes he’d written. This episode is probably the strangest, but it stands as one that sets the standards for more to come. For one, it’s the first episode with lighting that I’m actually satisfied with, but it also set the plans into motion for ways to carry the series onward, and even plans for the final episode. (oooooh)

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