Time Traveling Dan Ep. 2 – Swiped

Time Traveling Dan! Ep. 2: Swiped from NSHG Films on Vimeo.

The Story Behind The Scenes

By Daniel

Original Posting Date: September 7th 2012

There’s a bit of a conflict behind this episode. I’m not really sure anymore who had the idea originally. “Swiped” was conceived around the time that Steve and I were planning the first episode for the Lost In Time contest, and both of us seem to recall inventing the plot. Hm.

Regardless, we had already put forth to our fans that more Time Traveling Dan would be made. We were all excited because truthfully, the possibilities seemed endless. The amount of dumb stuff we could do with time travel was immense. We agreed that this episode would be a good follow up to our pilot because it was nice and simple, but funny. It also displayed more clearly just how stupid the character of Dan really is.

Randomly after work one day, I contacted the crew; having being suddenly struck with the mood to create this episode. Doug was the only one available so you’ll note that the entire episode was made with just the two of us. I was thankful to have Doug of all people because I hadn’t yet figured out the surprisingly-easy-to-do-split-screen, and so Doug would be the most convincing as my body double. The only catch was that Doug was also working and so I had to wait until the evening for him to be free. Because of this the video is shot close to sunset, so the lighting is subpar and inconsistent at times.

The overall idea was simple. Dan has a sandwich and the shop worker forgot a key ingredient. Suddenly the sandwich is taken from him by a stranger. He goes back to get it before the stranger can, and he takes it from himself. The execution of this was more difficult. Since Doug was working as my body double we had to have clear shots that showed both of us, but only my face. I’m pretty pleased with the shots we used. In the end the sandwich idea is simple, whimsical, and I feel that it captures the feeling I now strive for with every episode. Plus this is the first episode to display the title over black at the beginning of the episode, which I continue to do with each new one.

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