Time Traveling Dan Ep. 1 – Burgled

Time Traveling Dan! Ep 1: Burgled from NSHG Films on Vimeo.

The Story Behind The Scenes

By Daniel

Original Posting Date: July 27th 2012

Sometime during early July of 2012 Steve approaches me about a film contest. We’d been on the hunt for various ways to get our names out there and to showcase some videos, and film festivals and such were definitely of interest to us. So, naturally, my interest was peaked. The submission was for Geeks After Dark’s Lost in Time Contest, and the winner would win a free trip to Barkerville, BC. We didn’t care about the prize that much, or even winning to be honest. We just wanted to submit something and get noticed.

The contest was simple enough. In a creative video, demonstrate how you are the best time traveler. We also had to mention at some point Geeks After Dark and Barkerville. Other than that, the rest was up to the good voters of Facebook.

Steve and I spent a good while discussing various ideas of what would make an excellent time traveler, and we came up with a few good ones. (Some of which appear later in the series; see both Swiped and Rejected)

The idea we were initially set on was easy. Dan, the time traveler is trying to get cosy with a girl. When she is weirded out by it, he travels back in time and it never happens, but he is left with a smug look on his face.

Unfortunately we weren’t actually able to get a female actor who was that comfortable on camera (or with me and physical contact together) so the idea was put on the back burner. This later becomes Episode 6, but the idea is expanded on.

We settled on another simple idea instead. Dan, the time traveler comes home to find himself burgled. He uses his powers to go back and try and catch the culprit, but it turns out to be himself at some other point in the future.

Filming day rolls around. We decide to use my place, since I’d only lived there about a month at the time and a mess had yet to accumulate. Steve and I got some drinks from Starbucks (featured in the episode) and discussed the logistics of shooting with only the two of us. However, we aren’t exactly strangers to being undercrewed, so we got it sorted easily. Tripod. We had just bought some new lights however. This would be the first time we’d get to use them in one of our productions. Steve and I got them set up, but since we hadn’t used them before the video comes out a bit… overexposed. As the filming progressed we sort of added onto the joke that he had gone back to borrow something from himself. We decided to go with Majora’s Mask because that game deals so heavily with time travel between three days. The three day gap between the two Dans is also in referrence to this.

When the submission deadline came and went it turned out that we were one of only two submissions to the contest. For me and Steve this was all starting to sound familiar. The last contest that was between us and one other ended poorly and unfairly (see “Fun With Fitness”) and we were dead set on history not repeating itself. As for who would win, the votes came down to one simple thing: likes. We were to submit the video on Barkerville’s Facebook page and whichever submission got more ‘likes’ would win. Now, while the votes were being tallied up, Steve and I were actually out on our road trip across Canada with our other brothers. During one of our stops we checked online to see the scores. I couldn’t believe it. We were losing, and it got me down. Steve’s wife Jessica decided to make a submission video of her own (See Hot Tub Time Doug) just in the hopes to even out the competition a bit.

In the end, we lost to the other video. The votes were both near 300 each but we were down a dozen or so votes. Alas, history did repeat itself. Steve and I tried to hold our heads high though. After all, we had just set into motion a new and clever series, and we already had plans for it’s continuation.

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