The NSHG Vaults: Business With Jim

The Story Behind The Scenes

By Steven

Original Posting Date: May 19th 2010

This was in the works for a while. Daniel’s pet project “A Day In The Life Of A Superhero” has in its concept an organization called the National Super Heroes Guild, and a reference in the first season states that with the demise of Pillow-Man, there was an opening to be Mr Leopard’s partner for the “educational films” (Mr. Leopard, of course, being played by me). Dr. Spoon (played by Dan) is volunteered, and that is really the end of the reference in ADITLOASH.

So after the wrap of the first season, Doug, Dan, and I were really REALLY into Pillow-Man. We were going to do a tribute slideshow, complimented with a duet between Pillow-Man and Elton John, and a look at what the educational films would be like if it was Pillow-Man at the helm.

We needed mis-information, derogatory slurs, and Enrico.

So months passed and neither of the Pillow-Man projects came to fruition. Then one fateful night, everything fell into place: Enrico was over, and so was Dan. The camera was around. And we were all bored.

So we asked Enrico if he would like to reprised his role as Pillow-Man and lead a totally inaccurate and completely improvised spiel on business. We set up a whiteboard and let him at it. There were three useable takes that were spliced in together. Coupled with that was a staged argument Enrico and I had; a creative disagreement if you like. I was taking the stance that this was all wrong and that kids would be watching it. Enrico was taking the stance that he was right and had a gun.

Afterwards, an unusually grim looking me and an unusually bald looking Dan gave a short intro before the camera, explaining how the video was never released, most likely because whoever was editing couldn’t figure it out, and because of the derogatory comments contained therein. This, of course, is completely untrue but we wanted to do a series of videos with the theme of being “From the Vaults”

This never really panned out, because at this point we were feeling that the educational videos had lost some steam, and were a little too amateur for our tastes. We wanted to expand and become more professional, and while this seemed like a pretty funny idea, it was only half developed.

It would be the last educational video we would do for years, until we finally had some new equipment, new software, and new ideas.

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