Educational Videos

Educational Videos

The first series NSHG Films produced, for parody purposes and school projects principally shot between 2007 – 2010. Lessons were learned about style and technique, but NSHG Films remains proud of these little films. The most recent two were done as prototypes for a relaunch, and were on the verge of being broadcast at theatres but these plans were waylaid by a company takeover.
Steve and Doug’s behind the scenes thoughts included.

Texting Timmy

Chatty Chester

The NSHG Vaults: Business With Jim

What Are You…Chicken?

Leave My Presents

Steps To Safety

How To High Five, And So Should YOU!

Booze Your Daddy?!

Me And My Honey

Risky Business

Hunting For Santa

Fun With Fitness

The Wonderful World Of Belts

Brain Damage: It COULD Happen To YOU

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