The Wheel In Space

The Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) and Jamie land on an automated rocket ship and take turns napping. Soon they’re scooped up by an Earth space station called The Wheel, run by a man with severe temperament issues. Jamie tries his hand at sabotage, and some Cybermats show up to initiate a diabolical plan that requires several flip charts to understand. It’s there that we get introduced to Zoe, a brainiac whom no one takes seriously. Also, there’s some mind control and an X-Ray Laser gun.

Andrew learns to mind control Steve, but also espouses the uses of Spray-On Plastic. Steve demonstrates amazing mathematical ability, but all Andrew wants to do is destroy things. And finally, there’s the most epic space battle involving thousands of men fighting millions of Cybermen in deep space, but it’s in a missing episode (sorry).