The sixth episode of Cyberman & Son, where Steve and Andrew review every single Cybermen story in Doctor Who history!

This episode – Earthshock (1982)
The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) and Adric have a fight over who can be the most insufferable, but it’s obviously Adric. To cool off, the Doctor lands in the deepest, darkest hole he can think off but accidentally embroils them in a murder investigation by the military. He, Nyssa, and Tegan are immediately suspected, but the flesh melting androids and their bomb suddenly take priority. Once they’re dealt with, everyone lumbers over to a freighter to confront the Cybermen army to tell them to knock it off. The Cyber Leader has had it up to HERE with the Doctor’s shenanigans though.

The Cybermen confer on other enemies besides the Doctor, Andrew races through the caves to stop them (but can’t quite make it), and the Cyber Leader reveals he has an army of Steve.