Day 7 – The Escape

The Story Behind The Scenes

By Daniel

Original Posting Date: October 23rd 2009

We were all kind of nervous about filming this one, because we knew we had to make this one good, as it was going to wrap up the season.

We all knew that the rest of the episode would be similar to the previous Day 7, but there were also a lot of things I wanted to change. One of the main issues before was clarity. People would talk over each other, which is hard to avoid with improvised dialogue and large groups. With Day 3, we managed to avoid that by having short asides with each character, individually. However, in the context of this episode, we wouldn’t be able to do that.

I also had to make sure that we saw some familiar faces. I didn’t want to introduce many more new characters, as it might just end up being too much for one episode. We already had a bunch for Part 1 with Tootsie Roll Gang.

So excluding “Lady Shade” all the Super Heroes here, we’ve seen before.

Like before, this was the “National Super Heroes Guild” meeting.

Again, I made a Facebook event just to make sure I had some form of attendance.

Filming Day rolls around and just like before, I go to the Skytrain to round people up while everybody else sets up. After collecting my actors we all head back to the Church Activity Center, same place we filmed last time.

Everybody got into costume. At this point, we hadn’t yet figured out Vannessa’s (second) character.

Nate had something in mind that involved wrapping toilet paper around the head.

It wasn’t really working though. we settled on the gas mask.

Like I said, this was Vannessa’s second character in the episode. It hadn’t really crossed my mind before, since filming days were so far apart, but I had to make Vannessa look different from her previous character. Eric, I wasn’t too worried about, because the audience already would identify him as Captain Stache.

To my advantage however, Vannessa had recently just died her hair, and she felt the need to pile on the make up. Between this and half her face under the mask, I think (hope) it all worked out.

Onto the meeting.

If you recall last time, everything was written out on the board. This time, I wanted things to look a little tidier. Nate wrote up a simple agenda for the guild.

My directions to the actors were very similar again, to previous, but this time I made sure to let them know to avoid talking over each other. Overlapping dialog often tends to be hard to edit.

I also wanted to keep this one much shorter than the other one.

A note on Mr. Liberty now. Last time Rajen had played him a little more talkative than I had planned. This time, Rajen played a much better Mr. Liberty, even getting his own segment. Even though the joke was the same, the delivery was much better this time.

I was hoping to include Mr. Leopard in this episode, but we never got the chance to. Steve played Black Moth the whole time instead.

Flying Boy reappears in this episode, and– What’s this? Gloves?!

Other than Juno’s addition of gloves, Flying Boy is pretty well the same as before. Very casual, which is good in contrast with some of the more serious super heroes.

We also see Railin again.

Again, his costume is different, this time including cats and a hat! Paul’s performance went better than well. (Again)
Nick reprized his role of Charge, and made costume modifications just for the occasion. His costume now includes a crest and everything. I have to say, I’m really glad to have Nick around sometimes, as he’s one of the most dedicated actors I have.

A note on Eric here. He didn’t want his Capt. Stache make up on. Before we had drawn on a fake handlebar mustache, but not this time. Eric had a joke in mind, referencing Day 3, when Disc-Man points out the fake mustache. Unfortunately, the joke never panned out.

This is the first time we’ve seen Kata since the last Day 7. He hasn’t changed much, but Tyler does play him a little less nervously. He definitely seems more comfortable in character now, which is good.

Enrico made some changes to his MidKnight costume. This time his mask is one piece, and it in general looks more professional. Another good thing about this is that now we can understand what he’s saying.

Filming the guild meeting went in general more smoothly this time around. Originally the scene went on much longer, and ended with us being welcomed back into the guild, although it was really just that they didn’t care. Then all the super heroes leave to go catch Kill-Dozer. As MidKnight was leaving Disc-man asks him “So, are we back in the guild or what?!” To which he simply replies.

“Sure, whatever”.

That all got cut.

The scene with Railin outside was unplanned. Doug and I were just filming an additional scene and Paul had just happened to wondered out there. We did 2 takes, one where we do get back into the guild, and then one where we don’t.

After we finished filming, everybody went home. As soon as I got in, I was right to editing.

Doug and I ran into a little logistical problem however. Some of the cuts in the last scene were really awkward, and so we all decided it would be best to just reshoot that one scene.

We tried to contact Paul. We didn’t get a reply for 2 weeks. We couldn’t figure out where he was. He had simply vanished!
It turns out that Paul was in the hospital. I don’t really know the details, or if he wants to share them, but I’ll just say that I was concerned.

We never got to refilm that scene. Instead we just tried out damnedest to make the cuts less awkward.
It all worked out well in the end, so I’m not really that worried about it.

These are the longest credits in Season 2. No surprise, also the biggest cast.
Sometimes I forget that Day 7 is one episode, and not two.
But man, what a step up from the last Day 7, right?
This time we covered way more plot, made better jokes and in general managed to squeeze more into Day 7 as a whole, then we did with just the Guild Meeting last time.

The episode turned out really great, and even though I got quite antsy while editing it all worked out great in the end.
This episode acts as a great way to really wrap up the season!

Doug and I know for sure that eventually there will be a season 3, we’re just not sure when yet.

Since Doug is going back to school, and I’m quite busy with being in the school play, we’re just not sure we could be able to do it any time soon.

But we will have a Season 3, eventually.

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