Day 6 – Air Guitar

The Story Behind The Scenes

By Daniel

Original Posting Date: September 30th 2009

It all started with a photo Doug saw of one of his friends. Doug’s friend Hamza was wearing the most ridiculous sunglasses you will ever see. They were shaped like guitars. Doug came up with the a character based around Hamza wearing these glasses. The name we couldn’t decide. It was between “Rock-Star” and “Rock ‘n’ Roller”. Doug spent a few bucks here and there and managed to piece together a costume.

While filming Day 3 of this season, my Dad (The Blue Cyclist) saw the sunglasses and made a joke. He put them on and said “Look at me, I’m Guitar Hero!”.

We laughed and Doug and I agreed this would be a better name.

Doug and I had the whole season planned out a while ago, and we knew pretty well what would happen in this episode. I get kidnapped by the Tootsie Roll Gang while trying to hunt down the Red Gremlin with Guitar Hero.

And of course, I wanted The Racist to return. Hamza being Black, was a set up for absolute hilarity, and hopefully a half cut out N word and The Racist getting beat up.

We had been trying to get Hamza to come in and film with us for weeks. Finally we managed to set up a date when he was available to film, and we would be able to get several other people to come in and film.

Doug stayed at my house the night before filming and we spent hours planning out exactly how the episode would go down. Because of the amount of plot we had to cover, we knew that Day 6 and part of Day 7 would have to be filmed in one day.
That night though, Hamza canceled on us. Doug managed to talk Dave into it. Later we both thanked him profusely for coming to our rescue.

And the Tootsie Roll Gang? I had several people enlisted to come in and help film, that also canceled. At school the next day though, I managed to recruit a couple more people.

I needed to make this worth their while, and some people are harder to motivate than others. I bought some pizzas and Doug bought several Tootsie Rolls. We all met at our house and while Doug and I got organized, everybody socialized. Since Dave wasn’t there yet, we filmed what ended up being Day 7 Part 1 first. We don’t really touch on it much, but the Tootsie Roll Gang really has 4 unique characters. Eric plays The Pizza Guy, who between shifts works with the gang. Mickey is The Other Guy, who has a raspy voice and a strange loyalty to Mr. Owl. Stainer takes on The Tootsie Roll Beast, who is some strange mutated Dog… or something.. And of course, Mr. Owl herself. Doug specifically wanted Vannessa to play Mr. Owl, because of her top hat. Also he thought it would be funny that Mr. Owl is a chick. The scene went really well actually, and considering Vannessa knew nothing of the series, she performed well. My favorite moment is still when they release the beast on Disc-Man.

But, since Doug was Disc-Man, he couldn’t play the Racist. I ended up taking over, but I doubt I did the Racist Justice. Luckily, i didn’t really have much in the way of lines here.

Dave arrived, so we got him into Guitar Hero gear and filmed the part with him bursting into the Tootsie Roll Gang’s lair. Dave brought with him his shiny tight pants, which was good, because that’s all the Guitar Hero costume lacked. You’ll also note that Guitar Hero doesn’t wear any shoes, something I didn’t notice until way way later.

A note on Dave here, He played a much different Guitar Hero than Doug and I were planning. We had both envisioned Guitar Hero to be this uber cool guy who rarely lost his temper, but Dave’s version is much funnier. We decided that Guitar Hero would have a dance break. We even got a MobyGratis song just for that purpose. It seems to be Dave’s trademark, every video of ours that he’s been in, he’s done this dance at least once.

So the part of Day 6 that is outside was the next thing we filmed. Funny thing is that there were two takes of what I intended to be his dance sequence. The first time he didn’t know that’s what he was supposed to be doing, so he just sang a song really badly.

Doug got to be The Racist after all. For Day 6, he takes on the role of The Racist, and does a much better job at it. But the scene with The Racist continued on to a very long conversation as we take the long way down the stair. Thankfully, I cut all of that out. Finally, Doug and Dave went out to film the very ending of the Day 6.

Something I’ve noticed, Both episodes with The Racist have been Day 6.

Regardless, this episode is too excellent. Guitar Hero is a hilarious character, partnered up with Racist who is funny too. Between their interaction and Dave’s insistence on doing his own sound effects this puts this episode up there on the high end of things.

As for the first part of Day 7, I could already tell that this was going to be a much better season finale than the previous.

Again though, I do have to thank Dave for coming in and saving us from having to postpone filming again.

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