Day 5 – The Crack House

The Story Behind The Scenes

By Daniel

Original Posting Date: September 29th 2009

I wanted to stick with our original idea of cycling through partners, and judging by the way the last episode had gone (Fantastically, I mean) it was certainly looking that way. Our plan was easy, myself and my new partner go find a super villain, fight him and then I get ditched again. But who was to be Dr. Spoon’s new partner? That we all already knew.
Railin was the perfect pick, Paul was more than witty enough to run with the improv dialogue, as he had demonstrated with Day 3. Railin himself was also just a generally funny character, and I wanted to see more of him. Paul had quickly developed his character quite effectively, and even had some sort of back story to go with him. (Used to be a cop or something to that effect.)

Getting Paul was no problem, the problem rested in the super villain. I wanted us to fight a super villain that would be evenly matched with Railin, and I wanted Railin to be a fairly legitimate super hero. Again I consulted the list and couldn’t figure out which super villain we would face. Doug and I went on more than one shopping trip to Value Village and other thrift stores to scope out costume supplies, and get some ideas brewing. I at one point thought it would be Red Gremlin, and had a good costume in mind, but we agreed that we probably wouldn’t be able to make it look very good with our low budget.

After buying several things, I was able to piece together a decent looking costume. Another idea came to me, gardening tools! My mother had a scythe that looked pretty bad ass. I decided to include that with the character. After much contemplation, Doug managed to come up with the name “Forescythe”, which was good because it related to the scythe. Finally after showing Nate and Doug the costume, I knew we had something good coming. I arranged with Paul and we set a filming date.

A few nights before filming something occurred to me. We can’t just meet Forescythe on the street. That wouldn’t work. He just plain old didn’t look like the kind of character who we would find hanging out on the street corner. After consulting Doug, we agreed that their garage might not look like a half bad evil lair, it was dark, dingy and cramped. The day of, when I got there, Doug confronted me with one big problem. They had seen hornets buzzing in and out of there, and it was possible that they had a nest in the garage. Apart from that just plain old sucking, it also foiled my plans to use the garage. Then I had an idea. I still had a key for the basement suite, and I decided it might not be a bad idea to film in there.

Steve and Jess were moving upstairs, and hadn’t quite finished cleaning it out yet, but for the most part it was fairly empty. Hopefully empty enough that people wouldn’t recognize it as Mr. Leopard’s house from Season 1.

What mess there was there, we took advantage of, and spent a good 15 minutes trying to turn it into a lair. Doug said that it would be a good idea to start filming the scenes with Railin while he continues to set up down there. Paul and I agreed and got to work.

This episode was filmed entirely chronologically so naturally the first thing that got filmed was me on the phone. I needed this scene to establish how I got in touch with Railin. Paul was actually sitting across from me at the time, snickering at me. At one point you can hear his laughter, but it’s faint and you have to be listening for it.

It seems to be an ongoing joke that I just meet these guys in the alley behind my house. Naturally, that’s where we find Railin. This scene actually used to go on a lot longer, but I had to cut it due to time restraints. This is the problem improvised dialog. With a character like Railin, who talks and talks and everything he says is funny, it can be hard to make cuts during editing.

Railin and Dr. Spoon find themselves at the “Crack House” and are confronted by Forescythe. The music here is courtesy of Doug, who spent a long time picking out a song that he thought would be scary.

In all honesty, it’s an effective piece. I don’t recommend listening to it late at night in the dark.

Doug takes on the role of Forescythe, and holds the camera for the next scene. After watching this, I have to comment on my own acting. You can clearly see that i start to crack up when he asks me my name. I’m a much better actor when I’m behind the camera I guess.

The thing I wanted to see most was for Railin to fight. We spent quite a bit of time figuring out the logistics of the fight, and decided it best just to keep it simple.

I hadn’t intended on Dr. Spoon coming out champion here to be honest. It just sorta happened. Dr. Spoon get’s Forecythe right in the face, and finished him off. This sort of ruined the plan for the episode actually, because if Dr. Spoon performs well, then how and why would Railin ditch him?

The scene continues on for quite a while, and although some of what was said was quite funny, (also a part where Railin pukes) Doug recommended cutting it out entirely. I agreed, and did.

So we go straight back to the yard, where the episode started. Paul does his usual Railin ranting about…. justice… and perseverance… and etc. This was another scene that was much longer, I kept only the very best bits.

The episode ends on a high note, as Railin and Dr. Spoon go to get some nachos. We couldn’t figure out how Railin would turn Dr. Spoon down, so we just rolled with it and let the episode end there. To be fair, nachos are delicious.

Railin seems to be another hit character. Most agree that what makes this episode is his strange mannerisms and just his lines in general. This episode will definitely go down as one of my favorites, even though we don’t see Disc-Man at all.
And Dr. Spoon takes down a super villain. That’s a tremendous leap for the character.

However, Forescythe wasn’t quite as scary as I was hoping for. Duke Nudity gives me the creeps way more. I guess we just set the bar way to high.

Never the less, this episode is great, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without Paul.

Late release, oh no!

If you’re smart enough to look, you’ll probably notice that there is almost 2 months between the release of this episode and the one previous. There’s a good reason for that. Shortly after filming this episode a tragedy occurred. Nate had filmed a short film of his own that same day (Called Skillhop and Barley. Very funny piece, go watch it!) using Paul to act with him, and myself as camera man. That night during editing however, the camera broke. After a week or so, Doug managed to borrow one from a friend.

There was another problem though, we were still waiting on Moby to get back to us with our music. As you may know, we get our music from Moby Gratis, a site that offers free music for non profit film makers. After 3 weeks of waiting for the reply from Moby, I sent him a concerned email wondering where our music license was. Within 10 minutes of the email, all of our requests were approved. As soon as I could, I got the video up and running on YouTube.

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