Day 3 – Intervention

The Story Behind The Scenes

By Daniel

Original Posting Date: August 5th 2009

As previously mentioned, Doug and I had this season pretty well planned out. I decided to stray a little bit from the initial plan, as I once again wanted to showcase more super heroes. The plan was for Dr. Spoon to have a “party” with the intent that the other Super Heroes would help encourage Disc-Man, getting him back in costume. A plan which ends up backfiring, with the Super Heroes being brutally honest. Disc-Man sucks, you see.

I managed to get most of the actors I wanted. I didn’t mind that Kata and Midknight wouldn’t be there, because they don’t really like Disc-Man or Dr. Spoon, but I was a little disappointed that Rajen couldn’t show up to reprise his role of Mr. Liberty. I wanted to play around with his alcoholism.

Everybody showed up, and though it took longer than I wanted to get everything and everybody ready, when we got to work it was quite fun.

I also had some new characters introduced. Most notable is Railin, whom I fell in love. Paul’s performance is perhaps one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Almost everything he said is funny. The things I didn’t laugh about at least once, I cut out.

Another character to note on would be Punch line. I liked the idea of him, but I was concerned that it wasn’t panning out quite as Mikey was planning. This was mostly because of his costume, which was lacking, and his voice is a little muffled. Other than that, he’s a pretty good character, who I wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

We weren’t sure what to do with Andrew, so we gave him a hat and decided to let him be a character. Strangely, when he thinks he’s participating, he’s much less…. disruptive. We asked him what his super hero name was, to which he replied “Ferguson”. As soon as the camera was on though, he changed his name to “Owie”. That was a little more suiting to be fair. Great performance, considering it was coming from a 3 year old.

Sean, a friend from years back had recently got in touch with me and I invited him to come help out. He created the character of Cleaning Agent.

Nick, who you might recognize from “Booze Your Daddy” made an appearance. Charge, his character had quite the good costume, and an established super power, which was something we lacked. I must say, this guy is quite the trooper.

I also liked Dave’s character of Phantasy. His uber-bad temper was quite amusing. While filming though, Dave cracked up at about everything Doug said. That’s why there is so little footage of him, it got hard to film like that. There would again be more footage of him, but while reviewing I discovered that due to Dave’s mumbling, almost everything he said is inaudible. Doug came up with the idea of having short asides with each character, to avoid overlapping dialog. We did, and it did help with volume levels, as well as focusing on one thing at a time.

One thing I kinda wish I’d done differently is placement. Half of the conversations happen in that one spot, up against the shed. This scenery got kind of boring, fast. The reason behind me doing this though, was the heat. This was one of the hottest days of the year. I was sweating harsh in my Dr. Spoon attire, so I could only imagine how Juno and Dave felt (Juno’s costume being a vest over top of a jacket, and Dave’s being all black).

Because of this, Juno was taking off his costume at every opportunity he got, and Dave kept running inside to escape the sun. This ended up being an issue only once, when you briefly see Juno in the background, but only for a second. (10 points to whoever sees it).

The card gag just before Flying Boy and Mr. Leopard leave was one of the first things I had planned. I even made up cards for each of the characters to have. Before filming I had each actor write their name and a 9 digit number on the card. They looked rather official, and the gag panned out pretty well as I had planned.

I knew I needed to partner up with somebody else by the end of the episode. I had Sean hold the camera during a short scene with Doug and myself, and then where I establish my new partnership with Flying Boy. Later however, we discovered that we needed to reshoot these scenes. The scene with me and Juno was filmed a week or so later, so Garland held the camera. The scene directly before that was filmed even later with Steve holding the camera. Although Sean’s camera work is a little less shakey at times, the problem was volume. We were too far away from the camera, so it had a hard time picking up our voices, for the reshoots we had the camera closer to solve that.

I’m still not quite satisfied with the retakes, but they’ll have to suffice.

All throughout editing Doug kept on bugging me about the episode being too long. I was sure that by splitting up certain clips and shaving here and there that it would be fine, but Doug is relentless, especially when he’s really certain about something.

However when he saw the finished project he seemed impressed. It’s quite the entertaining piece, and I’m still quite proud of it. The new super heroes seemed to go over well, even though some of their appearances are brief. This coupled with the appearances of already established characters makes for quite the ensemble cast. The diversity in the characters gets me every time.

Again I have to note on Paul’s performance with Railin. As soon as he got into character I knew we had to see more of this character. Paul, you’re a genius.

Sadly though, I will admit to misspelling his name. I put ‘Ralin’ in the credits, rather than ‘Railin’.
Nobody has noticed yet, so I’m not sure why I pointed that out….

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