Day 2 – The Duke

The Story Behind The Scenes

By Daniel

Original Posting Date: July 25th 2009

Doug had come up with Duke Nudity by accident. While having an MSN conversation with Mason he had come up with the name as an insult, but we all found it really funny.

Steve, Doug and I were currently in the midst of filming “How To High Five And So Should YOU”. For the party scene Doug managed to get Mason in to play the Jewish stereotype. We all agreed that while Mason was here, it would be a good idea to film this episode. We already knew what we wanted to do, and even had a costume worked out for him, because this was originally our plan for Day 1, not 2.

Before going out, Doug and I filmed a quick scene where he had the camera and I was sharpening spoons. I have to thank Chris Lesko on this one, because he lent me the nice little knife that used. You’ll notice quite a bit of background noise here; that’s because there were still people sitting in our living room from filming “High Fives”. We were going out to film, but didn’t want to leave everybody behind. Luckily most of the people that were there to help film “High Fives” had already left. Those who were still left behind but didn’t want to come stayed behind at the house while myself, Doug, Mason, Aaron, and Chris went out. Lesko never makes an appearance in the episode, but Fosset does as an angry parent. There were a few reasons I wanted this character: 1) I needed filler, this was going to be a short episode. 2) Other than Nate, we haven’t had any characters that were just plain civilians. 3) It was funny.

We made out way to a playground, discussing ideas. On the way we found a sink. Yes, just a random sink in the middle of the road. Mason picked it up and we decided to use it in the episode.

When we got to the playground we discovered a huge problem. Kids. There were a lot of kids. Tons.

We had filmed there before, the entire outside sequence of Fun With Fitness was done there.

I thought it would be a good idea to look around more, and on the other side of the building we found a large field that was completely empty. We went with that.

Mason got into costume, behind a tree. I had already pictured it would be quite creepy, but only when I saw it with my own eyes did I really know. This was perhaps the most terrifying thing that I had ever seen. Duke Nudity.

We had to do several takes of the scene, for pretty much the same reason every time. We all kept laughing. We couldn’t help it, I mean, it was Duke Friggin’ Nudity!

I wasn’t intending on Doug getting…. overtaken originally, but being partially improvised these things happen. I used it as a lead in to the next part.

I remember Doug kept getting nervous all throughout it because he kept hearing sirens. He seemed to think that the cops were going to come and bust us for having Duke Nudity.

Finally Disc-Man decides to quit. This was something we had been planning on doing since Season 1, but never got around to it until now. While filming it was pretty intense, but now I can’t help but laugh at it because of the line “I don’t wanna catch this guy!”, and also the fact that you can see Duke Nudity watching us from behind a tree in the background.

When we finished the scene Mason took an incredibly long time getting dressed. I spent the time filming him doing so. We already were having laughs about this one. I mean…. Duke Nudity!

When we were all ready, we went out for pizza. It was pretty delicious.

During editing I managed to keep the video as a single parter. I think it’s shortness is part of what makes it so great. It has a 5 star rating on Youtube, and it’s in 2nd place for most views. (Only beat out by Season 1, Day 3 Which has 1,688 views for some reason…).

This seems to be most people’s favorite episode, myself included. Duke Nudity seems to leave quite the impression behind. I know Mason even wants Duke Nudity to return, but I think it might be funnier if we never see him again, as also I’m just not quite sure about the logistics behind it seeing as Mason is now in Ontario.

Back to this. I was quite pleased myself. In Season 1, the plot doesn’t quite get going until Day 5, but now we had managed to get things moving in the second episode.

Season 2 seemed to be on a roll.

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