Day 1 – The Pirate & The Swede

The Story Behind The Scenes

By Daniel

Original Posting Date: July 25th 2009

After finishing season 1, both Doug and I were sure we would do another season. It had been 2 months since we finished season 1, so we already had some ideas left over from before, that we never got to use, as well as some new ideas brewing. I knew this season would be a little more planned out than before, so before filming Doug and I made sure we new exactly what to do. Doug had the perfect idea for an opening villain. Unfortunately we couldn’t get Mason to come in, and he was really the only one who could play this role. I managed to scrounge up the list of super villains that Steve and I had made back for Season 1 Day 3.

I invited several people to guest star, but as usual I was getting turned down a lot. Luckily Juno and Stainer stepped up. Upon their arrival we quickly threw together their costumes. I wanted to make sure that Juno’s face was covered enough that viewers might not recognize him as Flying Boy. Luckily, Nate supplied us with a fake beard to use, which changed his look dramatically, and well suited the look of Pirate Phil. Stainer’s costume had easier guidelines, because we hadn’t used him before, but it ended up being harder to piece together. Before starting to film, Stainer and I sat down and did some research. I wanted Stainer to have at least a semi convincing Swedish accent, seeing as he was playing The Masked Swede. He didn’t get any lines in the end, so it was kind of a waste of time.

Steve wasn’t working, so naturally I wanted one of his characters there. Since Black Moth had more of the spotlight in Season 1, I decided Mr. Leopard would be the one that would make an appearance. A problem quickly arose though, we couldn’t find his mask. We looked everywhere, but there was no sign of it. I didn’t want to postpone, so we made do without. I resorted to using one of my flimsy masks. We have a bunch of them, but they aren’t that good. You’ll notice this is the same type of mask as Pillow Man’s and The Masked Swede’s, as well as The Blue Cyclists in Season 2’s Day 3.

Doug, Nate and I started with an opening scene that was similar to that of Season 1’s Day 3, except without the bacon. It was also a little more brief. After that we went outside. Andrew of course decided to be disruptive, so we stuck him inside to wait with Nate.

When we meet up with Mr. Leopard we find he was grocery shopping. This was a gag I had in mind for a while. I got the idea after seeing an episode of Futurama where they join the military just so that they can get the Military Discount. In this however, there is a 20% Super Hero Discount.

I wanted Mr. Leopard to hold the camera again, much like he did for Season 1’s Day 4. This was mostly because I’m a camera whore. I wanted Dr. Spoon to make an on-screen appearance, because in most of Season 1, I’m just a voice behind the camera. In Season 2, I didn’t want there to be any episodes where I wasn’t on screen for at least a little bit.

We find the super villains chilling at a church. I want to call this irony, but it’s really just because we didn’t know where else to film this scene. Just as we were about to start filming however, Juno’s eye patch broke (again). I had to run back to the house and glue gun it back together. Whilst I did this, I had them work on blocking. When I got back, Steve pointed something out to me. The camera battery was dying, already. We tried to make filming brief, but we kept screwing up, or there was traffic. Luckily the battery lasted long enough to finish filming.

A few days later Doug and I got to filming the opening sequence. I knew exactly what to do for this, and since I was in the middle of moving, I had an empty apartment to use. The blank wall that we film this in front of is actually what became my dinning room.

Another thing I wanted was to have credits at the end of each episode. Later I also came up with the idea to put a slide show during these.

Steve brought up a good point though, in that we should move away from copyrighted music. I applied for a Moby Gratis account and found a prefect theme song, which now appears in both the opening and closing of each episode.

I didn’t bother naming the episodes for season 2, as it felt like a waste of time. Although it helped give Season 1 part of it’s charm, nobody seemed to remember the episodes by the titles, but rather the day number (myself included). Another thing to note is that in this season I specified the day of the week. This was to avoid the confusion we had with Season 1’s BBQ side plot.

As soon as the first episode was finished I could already see the increase in quality. It really shows that it pays to actually know what you’re doing. Planning out the episode helped keep it more brief, and avoid boring tangents. Viewers seemed quite enthralled that I had suddenly posted a new episode after 2 and a half months of silence, and everybody seems to quite like this episode. It’s definitely a much better opening episode than Season 1’s Day 1. People really like the new theme song as well. Once again, I had pleased everybody.

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