Day 7 – The National Super Heroes Guild Meeting

The Story Behind The Scenes

By Daniel

Original Posting Date: April 20 2009

I needed a way to wrap up the story, and I knew exactly how to do it. I was pretty sure this episode was going to be quite difficult to film. The hardest part however, tends to be getting people to come help.

A lot more work went into this episode than in previous. I made a Facebook event, drawn out and designed costumes, came up with various super heroes, potential super names. Everything had to be taken into consideration. I wasn’t sure about location, but I wanted something official looking. Doug pretty much guaranteed me the VIP room at the Scotiabank Theater downtown.

After much planning and even some postponing, we were ready to host a guild meeting. (Of Super Heroes)

About half a week before filming, Doug delivers me the bad news. Some jerk who was in charge of some stuff at the theatre had decided not to let us use the VIP room. Doug made the suggestion that we change location to the activity center at my church. It was an okay location to film this, so I was still satisfied. I arranged for that instead and we got the place for the day.

It was a Saturday night, the night before we were going to film the Guild Meeting. I needed to make sure I had a snappy intro for the episode, and I felt like I had been neglecting Nate’s character, and felt this scene was important because it shows that even Nate is curious about Doug’s whereabouts. The scene was pretty funny. Next, the Bumbler came in and did a scene with me. I needed the Bumbler to bring Nega-Doug into the Guild for the confession scene, but I realized something. If Nega-Doug was in custody, then he wouldn’t need to. We had The Bumbler explain that Nega-Doug escaped from prison. The Bumbler was also sure that Disc-Man would be brought in to the Guild Meeting, so he sends Dr. Spoon to stall, while he hunts down Nega-Doug.

Is this plot still making sense?

I hope so, we were half making it up as we went along.

The day of filming arrived. I had everybody meet me at Patterson Skytrain station, since it was two blocks from the activity center. When we had collected everybody, we all walked there, and discussed ideas for filming.

While I was out meeting everybody, Steve and Doug were arranging things in the activity center so that we could get started soon. All the costumes were laid out and easy to pick from. I had several costumes prepped, but many people also brought there own, and even combined my own costume supplies with theirs. I remember seeing Steve helping Juno into a costume I had made, but I stopped them and made Juno “Flying Boy” instead. I had worked twice as hard on the costume for “Flying Boy”. That’s okay, we got to use the other costume later in season 2 for the villain “Dichotomy”. “Flying Boy” suited Juno better anyways.

I wanted my cast to range from the most terrifying, dark knight-esque supers, to the lamest. The characters are very diverse. Some are very comic booky, while others are very hollywood-esque.

There was another big problem however. I wanted Eric Findlay to play a character I had created called “The Phantom Mask”, or something along those lines. Eric never showed up. After some thought, I had Tyler replace him as “Kata”. I have to note that “Kata” looked very good, and Tyler did a very good job at playing the Guild leader.

Another character to note on was “Mr. Liberty”. Originally I had simply asked “Who wants to play the super hero who doesn’t talk?”. I was intending more of a vow of silence type character, but Rajen put his own twist on it. “Mr. Liberty” not only speaks gibberish, but he’s also an alcoholic.

We had Devin play “Film Buff”, Enrico playing “Midknight” (a character he had created), Ricky played “Commando 3”, Eric played “Captain Stache”, Brain Bain as “Dive Bomb” (Originally Ace-Pilot), and Jessica played “Lotus Lane” (The only female Super Hero).

Most of the meeting is…. meeting things. We drafted a list of things that seemed like realistic complaints that super heroes would have at a guild meeting.

The Bumbler brings in Nega-Doug, and after confessing to the murders, gets dragged out by Mr. Leopard. With both Steve and Doug out of the room, they could change into their other outfits and we could continue. This folks, is the problem with double casting. Next Black Moth brings in Disc-Man and we play out the gag I had planned. Everybody still wants to kill him, even though he was just proven innocent. After that, we get some closing scenes happening. Doug wanted the episode to end with him saying “I was pretty sure that was just all bullshit”, but it would cut halfway through so you would get “Bullshi–” This joke didn’t quite pan out, but its still a good way to end the season.

After having an overall good time, and filming everything I needed (Plus some) we were done at the activity center.

At home, during editing, I was waiting for some rendering. In order to buy some time, I filmed some asides, which appear during the credits. Just the ones from Ferguson played characters, but still.

Most people didn’t seem to like this episode. Now I’ll admit that its not quite as funny as the episodes previous, but its fairly humorous. The main problem this episode suffers from is that it gets chaotic, and at times hard to follow. Other than that, it’s pretty solid. Divers characters, all with their own different way of interacting. Although, sometimes chaotic, the conversations can be funny if you listen to the right lines.

Youtube seems to see the bright side, all of them getting a 5 star rating average, save for part 2, which is 4.5.

Truly, no better way to end the season!

But… people seemed to like what they saw, and were asking me for more.

More? I just ended it. Story is done! No more!

Or…. maybe, a sequel?

….Yeah well, there’s season 2….

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