Day 6 – Searching For The Killer With The Bumbler

The Story Behind The Scenes

By Daniel

Original Posting Date: April 10 2009

After reviewing the list of Super Villains that Steve and I had made for Day 3, Doug and I were sure that Nega-Doug would be the one who had actually killed Pillow Man. It made the most sense, considering he IS the clone of Disc-Man, and therefore looks the same. Since Bumbler was pretty much the star of the episode, I knew we needed some super awesome fight scenes too.

Doug and I ran into some problems however. We couldn’t figure out the logistics behind where and when the Bumbler would fight Nega-Doug. How were we supposed to find him? He wouldn’t just be standing around on the street. We eventually decided that an interrogation would need to take place. After reviewing the list again, we knew right away that The Racist would be the interrogatee. I quickly threw together a Racist costume, that was really just a white hoody with a mask.

Nate and I started by filming an opening scene, before we find The Racist. Doug wanted The Racist to be somewhere else, but I find it kinda funny that he’s just hanging around in my carport.

Since Disc-Man wasn’t in this episode, we figured it would be easiest if Doug just played The Racist, but we ran into one big problem; Andrew.

Steve was working, so there was really nobody to take care of Andrew. We had him sit quietly and watch. Thankfully he did, however there are times where he does make it into the shot. I managed to cut as much of him out of the video as possible.

After some brief thought, Doug came up with the idea of The Racist having a Southern accent. I had originally wanted to leave it a bit of a mystery what race he is, but after some thought, I agreed that it made the most sense. Nate and Doug choreographed a mini fight scene, which really just became a scene where The Racist gets the crap beaten out of him. Seriously, this was one of the most one sided fights ever. Last minute I decided it would be funny if Dr. Spoon got a chance at beating The Racist. He does. Really, it’s just hitting him while he’s down, but it’s still quite funny.

The scene following was actually the first thing we filmed. The Bumbler uses his super powers to track Nega-Doug, but we eventually “lose his trail”. Funny thing, the note Nega-Doug leaves for us, with a cat on the back, well that’s actually a picture of a cat we found in the alley. In frustration, The Bumbler goes to “blow off some steam”, which could mean anything from masturbation to kicking dandelions.

I wasn’t sure yet how we were to find Nega-Doug yet, but Doug had an idea. Instead, Nega-Doug breaks into Dr. Spoon’s house, and tries to kill him. Nega-Doug has a rather large machine gun. This gag Doug and I had been planning for a while. It’s actually a paintball gun, but in the video you can’t really tell the difference. I run out of the house in terror. When Nega-Doug comes out after me, The Bumbler was supposed to ambush him. There were quite a few takes of this scene because either Andrew would get in the way, or Nate would start laughing. Seriously, there were so many outtakes.

This fight scene was not choreographed. Doug wanted this fight scene to be less one sided than the one with The Racist, so we had to make sure that Nega-Doug gets a few hits on The Bumbler. Nate and Doug actually just improvised it. I have to give props to them because some of those hits look really good, especially the final knockout one. The episode ends after The Bumbler knocks out Nega-Doug, and I rush inside to “Call the Cops”.

This episode seems to be quite a big hit, both parts getting a 5 star rating average on Youtube. That’s probably because there are few things more entertaining than watching a racist– no, THE Racist getting the crap beaten out of him.

But between the two fight scenes, this episode really showcases how lame Disc-Man and Dr. Spoon are, merely by showing us how much better other Super Heroes are. A lot of people really seemed to like The Bumbler, and his cheesey lines.

The music here was a hard choice. Nate made the recommendation of Rage Against The Machine’s “Know your Enemy”. A lot of people also really like the use of “Mr. Sandman” when Dr. Spoon attacks The Racist. I remember that for at least a week, every time I saw Steve on the computer, he was watching this episode.

Now I had all but one episode done, and we all knew exactly what to do for the next episode.
The National Super Heroes Guild Meeting….

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