Day 5 – Bumping Into Pillow Man

The Story Behind The Scenes

By Daniel

Original Posting Date: April 4 2009

I wanted Day 5 to feature a new Super Hero, but one with a different feel from Black Moth and Mr. Leopard. I got the idea for Pillow Man from on online comic strip called Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. My original idea was that Pillow Man was seemingly useless, until you find out his super power: Pillow Man has a gun.

Doug had a better idea. Same thing, except he didn’t have a gun. So…. he was just useless.

Originally I had wanted a different friend to play Pillow Man, but his schedule didn’t match up with ours.
After some concern about who would play Pillow Man, Doug suggested Enrico.

I knew this would be the right choice.

The day of filming, it was raining. I was thinking about canceling, but Enrico was already on his way. When Enrico arrived I showed him the Pillow Man costume and we all laughed. I told Enrico that Pillow Man was a cocky asshole, but also useless. Enrico took this to the next level. We went out to film, and for the first time in the series we had to have outtakes. Why? Because everything that comes out of Enrico’s mouth is pure comedic gold, and we couldn’t stop laughing. Literally, after the first two words we were laughing.

“Professor Trenchcoat”.

After some dialogue it was clear that Disc-Man and Pillow Man did not get along.

I told Enrico that he should rub it in our faces that we weren’t at the BBQ the day previous. Yes, the same BBQ that is mentioned in day 3. Enrico did this, plus some.

I thought it might be funny if Pillow Man started to follow us. In between takes I gave these instructions to Enrico, and it all panned out well. There are two moments where he follows us, and then later he shows up at our door. Thank you Enrico for being the funniest man alive.

Doug slamming the door in Pillow Man’s face, was the prefect way to end Part 1 of the episode.

I needed a way to progress the plot forward, by having Disc-Man arrested. Why? Between Parts 1 and 2, Pillow Man is found dead.

The only way to make it seem questionable whether Doug actually killed him or not, was to make sure Doug wasn’t with me when it happens. Steve, Doug and myself came up with some evidence that would be used against Doug, including his disc, which Pillow Man had actually stolen from him. After some dialogue with Black Moth and Nate, he takes Doug away. With Doug arrested, I could then establish the next episode. The Bumbler extends his offer of partnership, temporarily of course.

This is another episode that constantly gets a 5 star rating. Pillow Man is one of the most quotable characters in the show. Although he isn’t exactly how I had imagined Pillow Man, Enrico played him brilliantly, and I even prefer Enrico’s Pillow Man. Nate was happy that The Bumbler finally makes an appearance.

In general, this episode is one of the higher points of Season 1. Part 2 is not usually as recognized as Part 1, and I will agree that Part 1 is funnier, but Part 2 is important in moving the plot forward.

Besides, if you watch the exchange between Nate and Black Moth, it’s quite funny.

Now that we had established the basis of the next episode, I needed to find some ideas for Super Villains….

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