Day 4 – Training Day With Mr. Leopard

The Story Behind The Scenes

By Daniel

Original Posting Date: March 20 2009

Since Mr. Leopard wasn’t in Day 3, I thought now would be a good chance to use him. (Plus, I didn’t have any other ideas for characters) We decided to change Mr. Leopard’s character quite a bit from my original idea. Mostly, Mr. Leopard’s relationship to us. He is not our brother in the series.

I knew I needed a training montage at some point in the series, and now seemed like the best time. At this point Doug and I had started brainstorming and had most of the series planned out (sort of).

I knew exactly how the episode was going to go, and I wanted to keep it short and simple, if possible.
The night before filming I told Steve and Doug to be awake and ready to film by 11:30. They both said this wouldn’t be an issue, so I went to bed confident.

I woke up at 11:00 to get ready. I tried waking Doug up, but he requested a few more minutes. I thought this would be just fine, seeing as I needed to shower myself. I was sure Steve was awake by this time, because his son, Andrew, tends to wake up early.

11:30 rolls around and Doug was still refusing to get out of bed. I told him I would make sure Steve was ready, and then be back to get him out of bed.

I go downstairs and knock on the door. No answer. Lucky me, I had a key. I go into Steve’s suite to find both him and Andrew still asleep. After throwing some toys at Steve I finally get him up. He goes to get ready and I head back upstairs. Doug is still not out of bed. After some arguing, I tell him we’re going to film without him.

Steve and I film all of Part 1 without Doug. We exchange some good dialogue, and establish the setting, relationship of our characters, and what will be happening in the episode.

12:30 rolls around and finally Doug is ready. In a last ditch effort to keep him included, we film additional scenes and I cleverly splice Doug into the scene. We also had to make some excuse as to why Doug wasn’t there for Steve’s and my conversation, so we send him out to “Buy Coffee”.

Unfortunately, both Steve and Doug had to go to work, so we had to delay filming the rest of the episode for another day. If both Steve and Doug had been out of bed at 11:30, as previously discussed, it wouldn’t have been an issue.

A few days later, Steve, Doug and I plan on filming the rest of the episode. It was a Sunday, which worked best because neither of them had to work. Finally we get on our way to go film. I didn’t know of any good places to film, but Doug had a great idea. We went to the church just down the street and filmed out behind it. It was a good location.

On the way, Steve and myself made an attempt at keeping up continuity, by shooting a scene with Mr. Leopard on the phone with Disc-Man, and telling him to meet us there.

From here on, Mr. Leopard takes the camera, and I get some screen time.

We filmed some basic tasks like stair climbing, and throwing some simple punches, and we both fail at all these tasks. The order of appearance in the episode is completely different from the order we filmed them in. We had Andrew with us, and the kid is a friggen’ camera whore. If you are filming, he will do everything in his power to make it into the movie, whether in the background, or just through noise.

Finally, in the episode, we make some form of improvement, to which Mr. Leopard extends the challenge of fighting him.

Naturally, we lose.

Steve also wanted a gag where Mr. Leopard gets hurt by one of us that end. Last minute we figured out that Disc-Man would hit him with a disc. It was a good way to close the episode.

We were all excited about this episode. Steve, Doug and myself spent hours trying to figure out music. Finally we settled on “Hysteria” by Muse, and then “Abra Cadaver” by The Hives.

Both of these songs were perfect. As soon as music was slapped on, I uploaded them onto Youtube.
This is my warning to film makers. If you plan on uploading your projects onto Youtube, then use music that is NOT owned by WMG (Warner Music Group). It would continue to be an issue up to the point Steve insisted that future projects should steer away completely from copyrighted music.

As soon as it was up, WMG had flagged the video, and made a copyright claim against me. Not wanting to face charges, I quickly took the video down and removed Muse from it.

We spent another while contemplating music. Finally we settled on the runner up from before. “Panic Attack” by Dream Theater was used. It works well enough.

6 months later, I get an email from Youtube.

WMG has flagged this video again, even though I had taken Muse out. I’m unsure as to what content in it is theirs, but once again not wanting to face a law suit, I removed the video.

Since I no longer had the editing file, I couldn’t re edit the music again, so I had to settle with my only option. An annotation was added to the end of Day 4, part 2, saying that Part 3 is unavailable. If people wanted to see part 3, they should send me an email.

A few months later however, it was unblocked, and is again on YouTube. Hooray!

This episode is most people’s favorite. It is fairly well played out, and really showcases our characters. The series was on a definite incline in quality since Day 1, and I was sure that I had to out do this somehow….

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