Day 3 – A Chance Encounter With Black Moth

The Story Behind The Scenes

By Daniel

Original Posting Date: March 17 2009

By this point I was ready to move forward with the plot. I talked to Steve, and requested he play Mr. Leopard, but Steve said he wasn’t sure about Mr. Leopard’s costume looking like Mr. Leopard. It was at this point that we changed his name to “Black Moth” (whose name is derived from the band “Black Moth Super Rainbow”) and push Mr. Leopard to a later episode. I had also originally planned on the costume using the mask that Mr. Leopard uses, but Doug had a better idea. He pulled out a piece of an old homemade Halloween costume from years back. Yes, the black Spider-Man mask. Now we had a really good Black Moth Costume.

Next, while waiting for Doug to get ready, Steve and I sat down and drafted up a list of super villain names. Steve had a gag in mind that involved reading the list out, and finding that Disc-Man and Dr. Spoon had never fought any of the super villains. Steve wanted the list to start out with really impressive villains like “Defacator” and slowly decline into the more pathetic, such as “Goat Cheese”.

Steve managed to come up with most of the good villain names, while I joked around with the stupid ones. You’ll find that the more ridiculous the names get, the more of my ideas you’re spilling into, while the more awesome sounding ones are that of Steve’s creation.

Just as we were starting to film, we found Nate on the couch watching a TV. We decided it was time Nate made his debut into the show. Nate already knew what to play: an exaggerated version of himself. We filmed Nate’s scene with minimal language issues. *Phew*

I think the worst thing to come out of his mouth was “Queers” but I’m not too concerned about that. Another thing to note is that the bowl of cereal he was eating, that was actually him eating breakfast. He had actually only woken up about half an hour previous to our filming. The scene went quickly off the topic of us being lame super heroes to Nate’s character requesting bacon. We took that moment to make our leave.

From there we kept filming as we went directly outside, and I think up until we see Black Moth, it’s all one take (although I did make cuts during the editing).

We needed a way to establish Black Moth was much better than both of us, so we choreographed a mini-fight scene. It’s nothing elaborate, but enough to get the point across. Just before doing the final take of the fight scene, an elderly couple walked by and made some sarcastic remarks about our outfits, specifically how my costume resembled “Dr. Horrible”.

I’d just like to note that at this point, I had not seen “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog.”

After that we needed a place to sit and talk for the next scene. I spotted a picnic table at an empty playground, so we did our scene there.

The gag with the super villain list went well. Many of the super villains are even used later in the series. Just before Steve’s exit, he made some remark about a “Picnic on Thursday”. Just to clarify, that is the “BBQ” that gets mentioned frequently in later episodes.

Finally, Disc-Man and Dr. Spoon return home, and we do close with the pay off gag of forgetting the bacon that Nate requests at the beginning.

After editing, we held another screening of the video. This episode panned over quite well with everyone, and it’s still of my favorites. It was an important episode, to establish that our big talk in the last two episodes was… well, big talk, and it really helped in developing our characters. Most people seemed to really like Black Moth, and he’s been a recurring character. I’ve gotten a lot of remarks about the legitimacy of his costume. Just to answer the question, yes Steve can see.

Doug’s mention of “needing training from other super heroes” at the end of the episode gave me an idea. I was sure that the next episode HAD to involve some sort of training montage.

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