Day 2 – A Day Out With Disc-Man

The Story Behind The Scenes

By Daniel

Original Posting Date: March 16 2009

After the success of the first episode, I knew that I had to make more. Doug and I talked a bit, and even asked Nate if he wanted to be in it. Nate didn’t. Doug got into costume. Before we started filming Doug asked me; “Wait…. what are we doing… I mean, what is my character?”

By this point I thought he knew this. I explained that I wanted pretty much the same character he had displayed before, in the murder mystery night. The only answer I could put into words at first were “Well…. you’re Disc-Man….”

After some thought, I just figured if we did improv, we wouldn’t have to worry about. We’d figure it out as we went along. Ideas for the episode…. I had none.

Doug and myself went out into the alley to film. Doug was still unsure of his character, so I told him to be a cocky asshole. He did.

However, I didn’t know at the time that Doug didn’t know the relationship with Disc-man that I had established in the previous episode, so he constantly denies it throughout this episode.

Another funny bit of trivia. The dead pigeon that Doug mentions. Based on a true story. Days previously, Nate had found this dead pigeon.

At one point we ran out of ideas, but quickly recovered by me zooming in on some strangers trying to get into their car. “Something suspicious going on there” Doug had the brilliant idea for the gag seen right at the start of part 2.

The fake blood was actually raspberry ice cream syrup. We still use that stuff for fake blood, it looks surprisingly good.

When we finished walking around and talking, we went back inside. Nate originally had last minute decided to make his first appearance in the episode. Of course by last minute deciding, I really mean that he started to talk to us, not caring whether we were filming or not.

However, as funny as it was, I cut it out because he swore a lot. There was also another scene with Doug cleaning the blood off his discs. That scene was the first mention of Black Moth, who made an appearance in the next episode. That also got cut.

We were about done when Nate mentioned he wouldn’t mind The Bumbler being in the series later, so in order to prepare for that we decided to film an entire extra scene. That would be the part in my room where we are sitting up against the washing machine.

After a few good cuts in editing, and some very good musical choices, Day 2 was ready for viewing.

The family seemed to find Day 2 just as funny, if not even better than Day 1. This was one of the better episodes, besides the wind problems, and the fact that the last scene goes on too long. To this day apparently, Doug’s friend Hamza cracks jokes abut that moment where you first see Disc-Man’s “visor”. I finally figured out how to get this onto YouTube, so both Day 1 and 2 were uploaded then.

After seeing this episode, Steve was now asking me to get in on this, and Nate decided he wanted to play…. himself actually.

Finally, now I started to have a cast, and I had established my two main characters.
The series was ready for some plot….

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