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Welcome to NSHGFilms.com

Home of The National Super Heroes Guild Film Production Crew.


Thanks for popping by our website! We are PLEASED to present our videos and info about our projects here. Any feedback is gratefully appreciated, so feel free to contact us at any time! You can also bug us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

NSHG is a group of young filmmakers banding together to create hilarious and entertaining videos for the general audience’s amusement.
Steve and Doug started the earliest incarnation of NSHG Films, Evil of Death Productions, early in high school with two series of “Action Man” – a spy spoof with a plethora of guest stars and a very off beat sense of humour about it. Editing in those days was more of an art, and Steve learned the delicate method of using two VCRs to merge footage.

Steve and Daniel started NSHG Films, at the time just known as the Ferguson Brothers, with various school projects. The first NSHG educational video was for a psychology project, and the series has continued in some form or another from there.

In 2009 Daniel started his own series, A Day In The Life Of A Super Hero. It wasn’t long before all four of the Ferguson brothers were actively involved. Doug and Daniel began planning for their third season.

Although the final season was never completed, and the project ultimately shelved, in 2010 a new idea came about to recreate the low budget first season into its very own feature film. However the project was again shelved while the crew gathers resources.

In the summer of 2012 the four brothers took a pilgrimage with their loved ones and equipment across Canada to visit their grandfather who, also had worked as a film maker. The documentary of their journey is yet to be unveiled.

Currently NSHG is churning out many projects and videos including Beast Wars Wednesdays (with Moving piKtures), and Daniel’s collaborations with Nintendo Prime.

Or you can check out our classic Educational Videos, and other side projects.

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