Steven Ferguson

Steven was born in Vancouver on July 1st of 1983.  Growing up as the oldest of four boys, he had to learn diplomacy and patience at a young age.  Throwing those skills away, Steven found himself enjoying acting as a child and improvisational theatre as a teenager.  For reasons that completely escape him, he skipped three years worth of drama classes to pursue music, but appreciates the insight it has given him for his love of all things sound.
Steve graduated from Douglas College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology back in 2007, and has been floating around the cinema scene as a manager since then, working for both Cineplex and Festival Cinemas in that time.  He’s married and currently has one son, Stinky, who has taught him new ways of enduring pain, and one daughter, Slimy, who has taught him new ways of enduring noise.
While Steve is unsure whether he will pursue a career in the film industry beyond NSHG Films, he is passionate about film making and writing, and was once a regular contributor to the online magazine Sour Grapes Winery, as well as regularly writing and producing Murder Mysteries for local youth groups. At present he is in the Professional Communication post-degree program back at Douglas College, and continues freelance writing.

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