Nathan Ferguson

Nathan was born in Vancouver, BC on June 3rd of 1991.  A very active child, Nate’s active imagination and unbridled enthusiasm meant he would throw himself into any activity that was put before him.  Struggling with an inferiority complex as a kid caused him to compensate by developing a devilish sense of humour and an extremely outgoing personality.  Nate’s charm is a palpable commodity, only matched by his projected ease in social situations.
Nate’s presentation skills were widely used and honed during his stint in television production and broadcast communication classes in high school, where Nate found notoriety among the staff and faculty.  He has used these skills in both a professional and personal setting, quickly rising up to become manager of the Dolphin theatre in Burnaby.
Nate’s technical skills came to a head with his spearheading of The Pollinate Show podcast back in early 2011.  Nate has taken full responsibility of the maintenance of the show and the associated website, and is the webmaster of NSHG Films.  Nate is currently planning on relaunching a new version of the Pollinate Show.

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